Wade House Memorial Museum
“Home of two important Indian Artifact Collections---
Wade House Collection and Catarina Ranch Collection”

​Built in 2002 to house the Indian artifact collection of Carrizo Springs teacher and avid collector, Wade House; the museum houses two fine Indian artifact collections.

Wade House Collection -  Assembled over a 40 year period of time with devotion to details, each piece is labeled where it was found and the date.  Mr. House began an Archeology Club to stimulate interest in Indian culture in the 1950’s to 1970’s.  Former students are avid collectors.  One student, Dr. Thomas Hester, became a noted expert in the field and University of Texas professor and museum curator, helps us with these two exhibits.  The House collection contains arrowheads, spear points, pottery, baskets, pipe, jewelry and cooking utensils.  This display is on loan from the House family and is a tribute to Mr. House.  Artifacts in this collection come from local areas from the Pecos River to the Rio Grande.

Catarina Ranch Collection – Collected and documented by Dr. Dorothy Brown, medical doctor and wife of Catarina Ranch foreman Les Brown, the collection was amassed over 40 years.  Dr. Brown documented where each artifact was found and the date found and placed on maps of the Briscoe Catarina Ranch where she lived.  The collection was given to the museum by Dr. Brown with the permission of ranch owner, former Texas governor, Dolph Briscoe.  The collection includes arrowheads, spear points, cave paintings, ax/tomahawk heads and other articles.  Displays were arranged by Dr. Thomas Hester. 

Local History -  Items of local history included in the museum are from founding of Dimmit County and Carrizo Springs.  There are pictures, memorabilia, family albums, newspaper clippings, etc.

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